Champa Street Burger Works
By Mike Waid

With a craving for a hamburger and a recommendation from a neighbor, we headed to Champa Street Burger Works for dinner the other night. When we entered the restaurant, my nine-year old was thrilled to see football playing on the numerous televisions. He was also happy to order the kids burger meal with cheese (one of his favorite foods). The fact that the kids meals come with ice cream for dessert didn’t hurt, either! My wife and I looked over the menu, which includes different types of burgers made from different types of meat. We decided to go basic and ordered the beef cheeseburgers, where the customer is able to choose from a variety of cheeses.

The restaurant offers indoor seating, as well as an outdoor patio area for enjoying our great Parker weather. We decided to sit inside for the football viewing pleasure of our son. As we settled in, we noticed the Colorado décor throughout, which makes a fun atmosphere.

Our dinner was brought to us and we headed over to the “topping bar” to dress our burgers. After picking our favorite condiments (and of course a pickle spear) we sat down to eat. Everyone enjoyed their burgers and fries, as well as the atmosphere. The employees were very friendly and checked with us often to see how the food was and to clear our table. Of course, the best part was when our son finished his burger and was able to top it off with his ice cream!

If you are interested in a great burger in a fun environment then checkout Champa Street Burger Works. They are located at 17051 Lincoln Ave in Parker. They can also be reached at (303) 805-3616.